Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan (Grand ultimate fist) is a traditional Chinese approach to exercise, meditation, and personal growth. Practiced for both health and self-defence, it is characterised by slow, continuous circular and rhythmic movements. Its practice promotes inner calmness, tranquillity and enhances self-awareness. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan promotes harmony and an understanding of the ways of the world.

Tai Chi has the reputation for being hard to learn, but the classes are designed so that that anyone can turn-up and join in. Allowing time and with perseverance anyone can learn the moves and have a traditional system of exercise that they can practice anywhere and at anytime.

Potential Health Benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong

Research suggests that they can:

• retune mind and body
• enhance concentration & focus
• improve relaxation
• reduces stress and illness
• improves energy levels
• help prevent osteoporosis
• reduce blood pressure
• slow your heart rate
• encourage good posture
• benefit patients with arthritis
• improve heart and lung function
• promote deep breathing
• boost the immune system
• improve flexibility & balance
• reduce falls in the elderly

If you feel tired, weary and lethargic and are looking for that energy boost then take-up Tai Chi and Qigong ancient forms of exercise that will keep you interested and offer you a lifetime of stimulation and enjoyment