Would you stick 95 needles in your face to look younger?: FEMAIL tested the new cosmetic acupuncture treatment loved by celebs

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FEMAIL tested the new cosmetic acupuncture treatment loved by celebs

Marriane Power
Daily Mail
28th September 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Angelina Jolie are all said to be fans of facial / cosmetic acupuncture, while Millie Mackintosh, Kim Kardashian and Victoria’s Secret model Bar Refaeli have proudly posted bristling ‘needle selfies’ on social media.

Facial or cosmetic acupuncture is being touted as a natural alternative to Botox. A lot of people who have tried the Botox route are reported to prefer cosmetic acupuncture, because It enhances the skin’s own ability to regenerate.

When you have Botox you are freezing muscles, which means you’re not moving them. Over time this causes those muscles to atrophy — lose strength and volume — so your forehead goes flat. After about four or five treatments, your forehead muscles become so weak the Botox will no longer work. Then you’re into the territory of getting facelifts.
Cosmetic acupuncture also places needles in the feet, legs and hands to help boost blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen my skin gets. ‘Without proper circulation, your skin is not getting enough nutrients. When blood is moving there is life, when blood stops, then we die. Good circulation will also help boost the digest processes and drain any fluids in the face.

Some of these needles are go in up to a couple of millimetres into the bottom epidermis. The idea is that these needles will break collagen fibres, and then the skin reacts to this trauma by triggering a repair response. The tiny, dehydrated collagen fibres that broke will heal themselves, double in size, and become firmer and stronger. The needles are also doing the same with elastin fibres boosting production of hyaluronic acid, which is what keeps our skin moist and plump.

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