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Coronavirus Information

Dit Da Jow liniment.

Dit Da Jow liniment (Northern Shaolin) was manufactured before the 1st of March 2019. All my Dit Da Jow liniments now undergo at least year maceration process (Soaked in 25% alcohol). At 25% alcohol viruses and bacteria cannot survive.

Dow Herbs

All Herbs supplied in Dao Holistic Dit Da Jow products come from Phoenix Medical in the UK. The herbs are sealed in aluminium bags from the supplier. Coronavirus can only survive for 12 days outside the body. Herbs are stored in clinic for 1 month before being used in any Dao Holistic products to assure no risk to the public.

Dit Da Jow Massage Oil

All Dit Da Jow Massage oil was manufactured in the UK before the outbreak of Coronavirus and there is no risk from this product.


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