What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a healing art that involves stimulating reflex points on the feet or hands that correspond to organs and systems of the body. Opening of energy channels helps restore balance and vitality to the body.

How can reflexology help me?

The benefits of reflexology therapy include relief of stress and tension, increased energy, and stamina, boosts in functioning of immune system, improved circulation, improved sleep, pain relief, and improved digestion and elimination. It is useful to give feedback to the reflexologist as this may show the response of your body to treatment and help to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. This gentle, natural, and enjoyable experience is suitable for all ages and for every stage of life from trying to conceive, giving birth, babies & children, adults with health problems, elderly, and those in palliative care.

What happens at a treatment session?

When coming for your first reflexology session you will be asked to complete a short medical questionnaire. This helps to give the practitioner and understanding of your health issues and any specific needs. You will be asked to remove your footwear and socks and your treatment will be performed in a comfortable chair or couch. Gentle pressure will be applied to the various reflex points of both feet. The session normally lasts one hour (including consultation) and will end with some gentle foot exercises and massage. Sometimes after receiving reflexology you may experience a slight healing reaction such as sinuses clearing, a runny nose and eyes or a more frequent need to pass urine. This is a result of the body eliminating toxins and any reaction felt should not last long. It is advisable to drink water after a treatment to help flush out any toxins. After treatment, you normally feel very relaxed, possibly sleepy, and sometimes energised. Depending on the reasons for you wanting reflexology, normally it is recommended at least 5 treatments and for this reason I have included a reduced rate for booking a course of five treatments.