Qigong Classes

Qigong (or ch'i kung)

Qigong (or ch'i kung) is an internal Chinese meditative practice with over 3000 years of history, which often uses slow graceful movements and controlled breathing techniques. The Chinese believed that through gentle exercise which incorporates the mind, breathing and body helps to cultivate and promote circulation of qi within the human body, thus enhance a practitioner's overall health.
The smooth flow of Qi enables our body to function properly and when the channels or meridians are blocked, the flow of Qi will slow down or become stagnant, illnesses arise and in serious case death. Therefore it is important to keep the Qi flow smoothly.
Health Qigong is a system comprising of some of the oldest Qigong sets in China, they are Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, and Twelve Duan Jin, these Qigongs all have more than 1000 years of history.

Take the calming way

Qigong & Tai Chi is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the mind body relationship. Qigong & Tai Chi exercise can be practiced by nearly everyone and are known as being:

• a form of moving meditation.
• slow and graceful movements.
• very calming and relaxing.
• a weight-bearing exercise.
• a traditional Chinese exercise.
• an effective Martial Art.
• low intensity & impact exercise.

Qigong & Tai Chi & can be for anyone. Performing the moves slowly in low postures will work the fittest young athlete and develop strength and flexibility in the body. For those of you looking for an alternative to the high impact cardiovascular exercise of the gym then this could be for you. The slow movements and held postures help to maintain flexibility, strength, reduce muscle wastage, increase bone density and reduce pain levels.

Dao Yin / Health Qigong

Dao Yin Qigong exercises were developed by Professor Zhang Guangde of the Beijing University of Physical Education. This form of Qigong is practiced by millions of people throughout the world. Qigong is the science of cultivating Chi energy inside one' s body. Each of the movements has its relation to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The main sets taught in this system are Dao Yin Bao Jian Gong & Dao yin Yang Sheng gong 12 method. Qigong practice provides major benefits such as:

• regulating breathing.
• improving relaxation and calmness.
• regulating heart rate.
• reducing depression
• improving outlook on life.
• massaging the internal organs.
• improving circulation.
• increasing the flexibility of muscles & joints
• improving bone density

Southern Shaolin Qigong

Southern Shaolin Qigong is a system of Qigong practiced by Master Yap Leong. It has its roots in Malaysian Shaolin Temples. Shaolin Monks practiced Qigong as a method of healing the body after hours of strenuous Shaolin Kung Fu training.