Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage specifically treats the changing needs of mother and baby during pregnancy and after the birth itself. Regular massage at this magical yet highly demanding time, relieves muscular discomfort, balances hormones, alleviates fluid retention and increases the mother and child bond. It can help calm the body and mind in the build up to labour and in doing so increases the chances of a smooth and harmonious child entry into the world.

Taking care of your wellbeing at this time will have tremendous short and long-term benefits for you and your baby. Your first session will start with a detailed consultation that will enable to adapt the massage to your individual needs.

Nurture both you and your baby from the end of first trimester through to post-partum recovery with this specialized gentle massage. Improve your comfort by addressing upper and lower back issues, water retention and swellings. Balance your body, mind and spirit.

Postnatal massage is an essential element of post-partum recovery in many non-western countries around the world. This is because it rebalances the hormonal system after labour and is an excellent means of nurturing ones-self whilst dealing with the huge demands of caring for your little one.

Available after first trimester. You will need a verbal permission from your midwife before your treatment.