Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage or ‘Champissage’ is the name given for head, neck and shoulder massage. It has been practised for generations in India to promote hair growth and good health. It is becoming increasingly popular as a natural and effective means of relieving stress and promoting health and well-being. The session lasts 45 minutes and leaves you feeling refreshed, calm and ready to face the day. Please remove your make -up prior to session as a face massage will be included.

Indian Head Massage has physical, mental and emotional benefits, aiming to both relax and stimulate to leave you feeling refreshed and calm.

The physical benefits include:

• breaking down of local muscular tension,
• relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness,
• promotion of hair growth,
• stimulation and improvement of circulation and lymph drainage,
• relief from tension headaches, eyestrain, earache, jaw ache, sinus congestion.

The mental benefits include:

• promoting a sense of calm and relaxation,
• releasing anxiety,
• improving concentration,
• easing mental tiredness and stress.