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Facebook Reviews 2017 & 2106

Mark reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

20 October 2017
On the recommendation of a good friend: I dragged my, 57-year-old, “MOT failure” of a body down to the consulting rooms of Dao Holistic Therapy in Staybridge. I told the consultant, David, who practices there, a long tale of woe about the horrible pain in my lower back and left hip. I told him that despite having been given six months’ worth of sympathy, plus a vast and varied cornucopia of painkillers by the NHS, the pain just would not go away. I told him that every morning when I woke up I felt as though I had fallen off the roof and landed on the patio.
He listened to me. Examined me. Then put some needles, gently, into my left leg...
It was amazing!
Two days later; 99.9 % of the pain had disappeared.
I felt like I was 16 again!
I don’t know how Acupuncture works. I don’t know why Acupuncture works. But I can honestly say, that when it comes to pain relief, it certainly worked for me!

Shurlee reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

6th August 2017
I needed to do something about the worsening pain I was experiencing from my Scoliosis, so after much searching I found David on the British Acupuncture Council's website. I went to my first appointment with an open mind, but not much hope of pain relief.
After a consultation David recommended both trigger point therapy and acupuncture. From day one of my treatment I started to feel like something was working. Four treatments in and I'm much less stiff in the morning...s and my hip pain has decreased considerably. I've also noticed that I have more energy because I'm having less pain and my frame of mind has improved too.
David is a thoroughly nice guy and his friendly, professional approach and respectful mannerism immediately puts me at ease. I can see myself returning time and time again simply because the treatment works! I would recommend David to my friends and family without hesitation!

Jeanette reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

7th July 2017
I would recommend David to anybody. Throughout my treatments he has always treated me with the upmost care and respect. I have been provided with treatment which has always been tailored to my health and requirements. David takes time to understand my health not only at the first appointment but also at each session I have had. He has provided not only acupuncture but herbs and other equipment which helps me daily. I am very impressed and grateful for the help I have received. I cannot thank David enough for the help he has provided and the difference he has made for me.

Martyna reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

8th May 2017
Absolutely amazing service and I loved my Aromatherapy Massage done by Sylwia.

David reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

18th April 2017
Had an extremely bad back today and patients booked in. Had a Hot Stone Massage with Sylwia and the difference in my back was amazing. I was able to stand up straight and my back felt so much loser. The heat from the stones was very penetrating and got to work deep into the muscles. Thank you Sylwia without your treatment I would not have got through the day

Lisa reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

9th November 2016
Unable to hardly walk and frustrated that I couldn't teach my classes at Astley Sports Village I walked into this clinic with more desperation than anything. What I got was 5-star treatment! David listened to me and took the time to go over all my symptoms to decide the most effective treatment programme. I have had previous treatment elsewhere but have never received the 'one on one' care that you get here. David understood that I know my body and its needs more than anyone and took that into consideration when devising my treatment plan. The results .... 3 treatments later and ready to return to training and teaching !
My treatment was a mixture of intense manipulation (much needed and quite brutal 😬) cupping and acupuncture which combined has given me the quickest recovery time! The most impressive part is that I have never once felt like I would be strung along and that my treatment would be 'stretched' to last longer but actually that David's aim was to get me back to fitness as quickly as possible!
Highly recommended and definitely going to be my place to go to keep myself in good condition going forward !!! Many thanks David

Kevin reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

3rd October 2016
I injured my back and couldn't stand up straight. I was told about David so phone he had a space to see me that day. David did his work on me I walked out a lot better than I came in. He did say as it was my first time I May have some discomfort that evening he was right but the next day WOW a lot better. I have been back twice since then and am a lot better the even before I injured my back. I would recommend David for any of you are in back injuries or pains.
Thank you David

Laurens reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

12th September 2016
After being in pain for about 8/9 years and have visited loads of different doctors and specialists my misses recommended Acu2you to give it a try. I have been there three times now and I feel like a whole new person. The pain is literally floating away out of my body and is making place for an energy I forgot I had. I can't thank David enough and I will recommend everyone that I know who can use a treatment.

Jane reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

12th April 2016
Recently my GP recommended that I try some acupuncture treatment for a painful shoulder and neck. I visited David at Acu2you and I would just like to say that it was the best treatment I have received over a five-year period that I've been trying to resolve my problem. David performs manipulation as well as acupuncture which I think was the key for me rather than just having one or the other. After just 3 treatments I feel much better. Thank you, David,

Mike reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

3rd April 2016
I've been to see David twice about my back after suffering with this through playing football. Treatment with David was very effective straight away I came away feeling tension free and had a better range of movement. I would recommend anybody suffering from back pain to see him.

Rachel reviewed Dao Holistic Therapy – 5 star

23rd January 2016
My partner has had many treatments here for non-visceral abdominal pain it took a lot of treatments to get it sorted but got there, lovely friendly gentleman and an excellent place to go very kind and helpful, would and have recommended David to anyone.