Dao Holistic Tailored Treatment Plans

Your path starts here

By following the Dao Holistic process, every patient we treat receives a treatment plan tailored to them.

1. Phone call
When you call, we will happily have an initial chat with you to find out about you and your concerns and to recommend a treatment or combination of treatments that meets your need. We will then do our best to give you an appointment time that best suits your needs.

2. First consultation
The first consultation is always slightly longer than subsequent appointments, as this is the chance for you to fill in the information not covered in your initial telephone chat. It gives us a chance to delve deeper into your past medical history and the events leading up to your requiring treatment. Remember - how much information you choose to reveal is completely up to you, but the more information you can give will strengthen the chance of a favourable outcome to your treatment.

3. Establish treatment plan
This will also happen at the first consultation but will be adjusted and revised as your needs change over the course of your treatment. Your treatment plan may comprise of one or combinations of therapies to try and get the best outcome for you.

4. Treatment
Your initial treatment may not always be as long as the rest of your treatment series, depending on your previous treatment history and how you have managed before your visit. This is to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by anything and are best able to assimilate the changes your treatment will bring.

5. Continous review
As stated above, your treatment plan will be adjusted and revised to best suit your ever-changing needs. Many people find that, after the improvement of their initial complaint, they benefit from attending a ‘maintenance’ treatment to keep functioning at a higher state of health and well-being.