Adrian Gee

Adrian Gee, Bsc

Adrian played American Football in the 1980s and 90s holds First Class Honours in Applied Sport & Exercise Science. A specialist in postural and muscular correction, he has spent a number of years as a Personal Trainer and has also been the Sports Massage Therapist in a Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic. He can provide Myofascial Cupping services and is proficient in the use of Kinesiology Tape. He will provide a complete treatment plan, including home exercises, to suit the specific needs required for each individual case.

Adrian’s Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage & Sports Massage can have hugely beneficial effects on the release of muscle tension and reduction of pain. This type of massage does need clients to accept some level of discomfort during the treatment.

Adrian also offers Chinese Myofascial Cupping which is a wonderful alternative for customers who may struggle with the intense nature of Deep Tissue Massage & Sports Massage. All treatments are conducted with the highest standards of a professional clinical practice in a warm and cheery environment in order to make each and every customer feel at ease. All treatments are followed up with advice on exercises and recommendations to prevent further issues occurring.